Merits of Deploying a CCTV System

Close Circuit Television Video (CCTV) cameras have become the need of every person. Be it home, office, school or roads, it has become a need of the hour. Business use CCTVs to monitor workplace’s activities. It also provides protection for retail stores against theft. Each establishment has started to look for benefits of CCTV surveillance.

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Remote accessibility
IP–based surveillance is installed on IP network which can be configured to provide remote access. Users who have access to the CCTV can retrieve information from the authorized system anywhere. Remote access facility provides a user friendly experience and it is very handy to use. The captured video can be stored according to user’s convenience anywhere at any remote location. The data generated can also be transferred over the optical fibre or LAN cable or on internet.

High quality image
IP cameras comes with 2 mega pixels to 20 mega pixels quality as compared to analogue which comes with only 0.5 mega pixels only. It provides way better quality images than analogue cameras. Quality images have become an important feature for surveillance system. It helps in providing clear images and also helps in identifying the person and place without any noise. The images generated can easily be transmitted over secured network without any loss of image quality while transmitting.

Flexible and scalable
CCTV cameras have developed to an extent that they can be put to use anywhere in the premise, even if the place of installation is congested. The technology helped in creation of small size cameras that can be fitted anywhere. The products used can be shared through wire or wireless communication system.

Cost effective
IP based security cameras can be installed on the existing network infrastructure, which reduces the installation cost. It can be used with one monitor and you can use as many cameras as you want on one single network. This in turn reduces the management and equipment cost as well.

Intelligent video
Video or data created can be seen by a user as many times as he wants to see. Any real time data can be viewed from anywhere and any place. The intelligent pre-programmed system is build in such a way that it responds to commands like motion detection, audio detection and it helps in video management. All the data generated can be stored and can be accessed in an efficient manner over the CCTV video analytics.